Typhoon Tri-Jet Fogger

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This is a fogging beast!

Typhoon is a tough and durable commercial-grade fogger for efficient and effective disinfecting of vehicles, office spaces, jail cells, daycares, hotels, restaurants, buses, animal facilities, workplaces, equipment, retail, sports facilities and gyms. 

Quickly and thoroughly apply disinfectant anywhere.  

Tri-jet nozzles produce a steady cloud of disinfectant to assure complete coverage in a short time.  Three times the output of regular ULV foggers means you cover 3X the area 3X as fast!

Dial regulates flow.

5-litre solution tank.  Ergonomic design.  Use either as a stationary mass-disinfect fogger, or carry from area to area.

The Typhoon is especially suited to work in conjunction with Vortex Decon disinfectant and it's "Spray and Walk Away" no-wiping feature.